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You can add/remove factions names by editing {{file|db/aiplayernames.txt}}.
You can add/remove factions names by editing {{file|db/aiplayernames.txt}}.

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This article may be out of date. It was last updated for 1.3.3.

A faction base on the strategic map

The AI Factions are groups that are competing for control of the city with the player. If left alone they will buy and racketeer property on the map. Later in the game they may start constructing extensions to the city.

Number Of Factions

The same faction base. Note the flag and the goon wearing a headband inside

In Turf mode there are 4 factions by default, in Strategy and Strategy Zero modes there are 16. You can change the number of factions that spawn in any mode.

Factions bases are allocated by the map generator scripts/server/map_generation/

in the city. If there are not enough bases generated the generator will start sprinkling them around the city in a radial fashion. In Strategy Zero the factions are placing in completely random places on the map.

Faction Bases

Faction bases are the bases of control of the factions. The AI will garrison them with 1 goon during peace and 3 during war, finances permitting. If an AI is in debt they will not garrison bases. You can only capture and annex a factions' bases during a Turf Wars.

Faction Expansion

A Strategy Zero game where several factions have constructed roads and zones

AI Factions may build new areas of the city by establishing roads and zoning new areas. They will establish new peak profit if their peak profit is at least 50% of the value of unlock threshold for that base. For example, if base #3 is unlocked at $500 peak profit then they will construct a second base at $250 profit. The AI will also not construct new bases unless a player is approaching them in base count or networth.

Faction Resurrection

A dead faction may be revived if there are more than 5 unoccupied small (1x1) bandit bases on the map. They tend to spawn closer to the centre of the map. You can suppress faction resurrection by capturing all but 5 of the bandit bases on the map.


You can add/remove factions names by editing db/aiplayernames.txt .