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Connection To Server has Timed Out (Singleplayer)

Problem: You try to start a singleplayer game and you get the message "connection to server has timed out".

Explanation: This has nothing to do with your internet connection. The game uses two executables vtclient.exe

and vtserver.exe
to work. The client renders the screen, and the server handles the actual gameplay. If this message appears then the communication between the client program and the server program have become broken.

When you start a game (either singleplayer of multiplayer) the client starts the server and connects to it. "Singleplayer" is actually just a "Multiplayer" game but with only 1 player slot and only you are allowed to log in. Because the server is run locally on your machine this means that your connection does not matter. The game does not phone home in singleplayer and does not need to access anything on the internet to play.

Possible Causes:

  • AntiVirus software is blocking communication between vtclient.exe
and vtserver.exe
(this has been confirmed to happen with McAffee and Comodo).
  • The server is hanging (it gets busy and loses the connection). After the timeout you can still find vtserver.exe running in the Task Manager
  • The server is crashing (either due to a lua script error or an application error). You may get a "vtserver has stopped working" message if windows feels like displaying one

Work Arounds:

  • Antivirus: Either disable it or whitelist vtclient.exe
and vtserver.exe

  • Server Hanging or Crashing: Email me your crash logs (find them in the Voxel Turf/logs/
directory) (please zip everything in the folder!) to voxelturf AT gmail DOT com

Connection To Server has Timed Out (Multiplayer)

  • First verify that the game works in singleplayer (both for the host and the joiner)
  • See if you can connect to other multiplayer servers.
  • Check that vtclient.exe
and vtserver.exe
are not blocked by windows firewall.

Game Crashes On Start (vtclient.exe has stopped working, Windows)

Problem: Game crashes when it is started.

Cause: If you are on a laptop you may be running Intel Integrated Graphics drivers. Windows does not update these drivers by default, and old versions of these drivers are buggy and unstable.

Fix: Check that you are running Intel Graphics drivers. One way to check is to open the logs directory (Voxel Turf/logs/ ) and open glinfo.txt . If you see something like GL_VENDOR: Intel (blah) then you're running intel drivers. You can update your drivers by going to

Could Not Connect To Server: Version or Checksum Mismatch (Multiplayer)

Problem: Can't join a multiplayer game due to checksum or version

Cause: Every patch of the game has a different version. The game also computes a checksum of all the lua scripts loaded by the client (as in all files in scripts/common/

and scripts/client

, and any mods that add client scripts). This is to insure that both the clients and the host are in sync.

Fix: First verify that both you the host and the client are playing the same version of the game (for example, version 1.2.3). Then verify that you have the same client script mods installed, disabling or uninstalling them if you are unsure.

LotPacks, texture mods and sound mods do NOT affect the checksum, players with different LotPacks, texture mods or sounds mods can play on the same servers.

Game Won't Start (Linux)

Problem 1: Clicking "Play" on Steam does nothing Problem 2: Running vtserver does nothing

Cause: Dependencies are not installed.

Fix: Run:

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-net-2.0-0

To install the dependencies.

Try running ./vtclient --steam

or ./vtserver
from the command line in the install directory to see what errors (if any) appear.

I am getting like 2 FPS (AMD Graphics Cards on Linux)

Problem: VERY bad framerate on AMD with shaders enabled.

Cause: Graphics drivers not handling shaders correctly. This is confirmed to be an issue on MESA Drivers on Linux, and may happen with old AMD cards or drivers on Windows but has not been reported to happen since Voxel Turf patch 1.0.8 (September 2017).

Work Around: Disable shaders and restart the game

Fixes: Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. On Linux try the proprietary drivers.

Note: Since version 1.0.8 this has been fixed on windows.

Flickering Screen

Problem: Screen flashes black when in fullscreen mode

Cause: Something is wrong with your graphics driver's V-Sync settings

Work Around: Run the game in windowed mode, or run the game in borderless fullscreen mode (use the --borderless

Launch Option)

How Do I Reset Graphics Settings To Default?

How To: Go to (Voxel Turf Install Directoy)/settings

and delete every file of the form video_XXX.txt
where XXX are numbers (for example video_150.txt).