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This article may be out of date. It was last updated for 1.1.5.

A spawn flag in the centre of a base
An AI faction's base on the map

Bases allow players to heal, respawn, garrison defender goons and project power throughout the city. Bases allow you to purchase or racketeer nearby buildings for income or even construct new buildings nearby.

Unlocking New Bases

Bases are unlocked by increasing your investment profit. Its dependent on your peak profit, so if you lose some income you don't lose base limit. You can view your base limit either in the player info screen or on the side of the map screen.

Removing a Base

You can remove bases for a cost of 25 reputation. You cannot remove your last base.

Auto Healing

You will heal at a rate of 2.5%/sec while at a friendly base. If you are not in combat for 12 seconds then you will heal an additional 10%/second.

Placing Lots As Bases

When you place a fortification lot down you may place it as a base directly (rather than just placing a building then converting it to a base). You may place these outside of your construction radius.


If you lose all of your bases in a turf war then you will be eliminated. You will lose all of your land, all of your money, your reputation will be set to -25 and your mission progress will be reset.

Defender Goons

Bases can be garrisoned by pressing the "increase fortification level" button on the map screen. You can hire a max of 3 goons at a time per base. To maintain a defender goon you need to pay them money, this is displayed in the base information window under "expenses".

Note:You can raise a defensive's goon attack/defense with The Finest of Goons Perk

All mobs heal at a base rate of 0.5%/sec. If a goon is in their home base they recover at a rate of 2.5%/sec, and if not in combat for 12 seconds, they fast-heal (just like the player does).

Goon Orders

Goons can be issued orders by talking to them

Goons you can hired from bases can be recruited them as your personal escorts. You can order them to:

  • Carry on (issue no orders - keep doing whatever its currently doing)
  • Follow you
  • Guard a location
  • Advance to your marked waypoint on the map
  • Return to their home base

You can have at most 4 goons following you or having orders issued (goons with guard orders count as under your command). Goons will follow you into and out of vehicles and warp back to you if they get too separated from you.

This also gives you a useful way to fight Turf Wars. Have multiple bases, garrison your front line bases and garrison you back line bases. Have the goons from the back line follow you and you can attack the enemy bases with them. Or you can use them to raid a bandit base if you breach the walls. This opens up so many gameplay possibilities!

Vehicle Storage

ALL bases act as garages for your vehicles. If you exit the game with a vehicle in a friendly base then it will be there when you log back in. There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can store in your bases. Keep in mind that vehicles are tied to the owner, so if a friend leaves a vehicle in your base and you restart the game then you'll have to wait for your friend to log in again to get your vehicle back.

Base Escapes

The Base Escape meter

There's a very easy way to get rid of the CDF if you only have 1 or 2 stars of notoriety. Simply hide in a base for a few seconds and they'll leave you alone. This check ignores things like line-of-sight (the eye), being in a lot you've been sighted in (the diamond) and the timer (the stopwatch).

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