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This article may be out of date. It was last updated for 1.3.3.

Turf Wars are conflicts between players and factions. They are the way you can take territory from others on the map.

Starting and Fighting a Turf War

The diplomacy screen. The red button "Turf War" button is used to start turf wars and turns into an "Offer Peace" button when a war is active

Wars begin with a Declaration of War (DoW). To start a war the player/faction must have at least 1 base owned. If a player/faction has no bases then they cannot be declared upon.

The objective during a war is to capture the enemies' bases while keeping control of your own. To capture a hostile base kill all the enemies and stand in the base until it is under your occupation.

Occupying bases gives your side warscore. Warscore is calculated as ((Their_Bases_Occupied/Their_Bases_Owned) - (Your_Bases_Occupied/Your_Bases_Owned))*100% and will influence how willing an AI is to vote in favour of a peace deal.

Base Attacks

The Base Attack Alert. A green arrow is displayed where friendly base attacks are. It's red when hostile.

Base Attacks are massed waves over goons that are sent to capture bases. You can view how many base attacks a player or a faction can order by going to the player info screen. Human players require at least 6 bases to order base attacks and they must be garrisoned for the progress meter to charge.

If a faction has no home bases under their control then they cannot launch a base attack.


Have Allies

Having an AI ally on your side can help you immensely. Watch out, if they capture bases they'll expect to be given one in a peace deal!

Pick off the Small Ones

A faction with no home bases under their control cannot issue base attacks. If you pick off the small factions first you can then focus on the bigger ones.

Camp and Capture

If you have a small number of bases then a good tactic is to defend your bases. Once a Base Attack is repealed the enemy will have to wait to issue another one (the "hold" phase of the base attack). They still have to wait even if the timer is removed from the screen. If you can snag one of their bases then you can gradually make gains against them.

In this video this strategy is employed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOkzzSH0vSw

All Out Offensive

If you greatly outnumber the enemy in terms of base count you may want to disregard defence altogether and try to capture the bases quickly. If you can capture their bases before they take all of yours you can then return to liberate your bases after disabling their base attacks capability.

Use the Hostile Bases Waypoint Option

Check this box in the graphics settings menu.

Offering Peace

A peace deal screen. If you hover over the checkbox you'll get a breakdown on whether or not the AI will accept

A turf war only ends when a peace deal is signed by both sides of the conflict. When you are done fighting you can go to the peace screen to make an offer (its in the same place as the Turf War button). You can demand bases that are under your sides occupation, or you can demand reparations or humiliation.

Once an offer is sent other players/factions vote on the deal. The offer will be accepted if more than 50% of the attackers and 50% of the defenders both vote for the deal

Important: A player or faction that has all of its home bases occupied will ALWAYS accept any peace offer!

You can see how the AI is expected to vote and why by hovering your mouse over the checkbox.

Demanding Bases

Demanding a base costs (number_of_bases_owned*100/5) warscore and gives (number_of_bases_owned*100/5) aggression. If you are demanding from a faction with less than 5 bases owned then this is capped at 20 warscore/aggression. Example: Taking a base from a faction with 6 bases will cost 16 warscore and give 16 aggression.

If you are a defender the aggression cost is reduced by 25%.

Aggression will reduce the safety rating of all your lots by its amount, but will gradually decay while you're at peace.

Length of War Modifier

The length of war modifier starts at -66 and decays to zero at a rate of 3/minute. The AI is more willing to accept peace offers the lower this value is.

War Repairations

War reps mean that 10% of a factions income is distributed to the other side while a truce is in effect.


When a side is humiliated they lose 20 reputation. If they have positive reputation then half of the positive reputation lost is given to the other side. So in a 1v1 war, if a faction has 7 reputation and you demand humiliation, they will be set to -13 reputation and you will gain 3.5 reputation. If they have 25 rep you'll gain 10, if they have less than zero you'll get nothing.


When a war ends the participants will gain a 32 hour truce with the members of the opposing side (32 minutes of real time). While a truce exists between two players/factions they cannot start an offensive war against each another, nor will they join an offensive war against each another.


Allies will always join a turf war unless there is a truce in effect.

Warnings can be used to contain factions. If a warned faction starts an offensive war then the warner will be called in on the defensive side.

Offering Protection can be used to protect factions. If someone starts a war against the protected faction you'll be called in on the defensive side.

If an player/faction is going to be called in on both the offensive and defensive sides then the defensive call will take priority.

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