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This article may be out of date. It was last updated for 1.3.3.

The Supply Depot
The Botanic Garden
The Communications Centre

Control points are like a cross between Bandit Bases and Special Buildings. Instead of being a place that you raid for loot, Control Points give you a static bonus. The Supply Depot Above: The Supply Depot

The game currently has 5 control points:

  • Old Parliament (-20% Racketeering Cost, -10% Zoning Cost). This building naturally spawns near spawn.
  • Supply Depot (-10% Construction Cost, +2 Ind Desirability). This building spawns in industrial areas.
  • Botanic Garden (+50% Aggression Decay Rate, +2 Res/Com/Off Desirability). This building spawns in residential areas.
  • Communications Centre (+1 Goon Command Limit, +10% Goon Atk/Def). This building spawns randomly on the map
  • Strategic Bunker (+2 Attack, +2 Defence, +200% cash from killed bandits). This building spawns randomly on the map

If a Control Point doesn't exist on the map can be constructed from the Special Buildings menu. This is so you don't have to start a new game to play with them. You can also bulldoze existing Control Points under your control and relocate them if you wish.

Control Points level up whenever they get captured by a hostile player, up to level 5. Leveling them up makes the defenders stronger, like in a bandit base. You can also abandon a control point so that an ally can take control of it. Above: The Communications Centre. A bandit base that spawns

Control Points act as a point of conflict in Multiplayer. You can capture control points even if you are at peace with the owner, or they are offline. Finally, AI factions will try to capture control points, even in Turf mode!


See /scripts/common/special_buildings.lua

for implementation details

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