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Article Structure

Articles should be of the form:

  1. What - what is this thing? Describe the mechanic
  2. Strategy - hints and tips for players
  3. Stats - Tables of data. Stuff like spawn rates
  4. Modding - Instructions for modding the stuff discussed in the article

If it makes sense for an article to have multiple topics then do the What, Strategy, and Stats sections for all subtopics before modding information.


  1. What: Weapons are used to inflict damage on others.
  2. Strategy: Aim for the head! Take cover when reloading. Crouch!
  3. Stats: (Table of weapon stats)
  4. Modding: How to write a custom define_weapons() lua function to inject.

Style Notes

  • Articles should be written in the third person. The Strategy parts may be written in second person if it makes sense to.
    • None of this "I like" nonsense
  • Strategy sections should not railroad the player. This is a game with many solutions to problems!
    • Don't say "The best start is...". Say "An early way to achieve X is to...."
  • Use italics for emphasis, not bold
  • If a subject/modifier has an associated icon, include them and a link to the article (such as Base Limit)

Language Notes

  • Spell stuff correctly please
  • British English is preferred but American English is permitted.
    • Make sure that sections are internally consistent
    • Don't waste time converting articles to British if is otherwise satisfactory
  • Articles should be gender neutral unless there are cases where gender is defined. Refer to arbitrary players as "they" - don't assume the reader is male or female.
    • Example of gender being defined (correct usage): In the Griever's third mission she instructs you to... (the Griever is female)
    • Example of gender being unimportant (incorrect): A good player will always put his explosive mods on a shotgun (assuming the player is male)
  • Dates should be of the form YYYY-MM-DD

Mindfulness of Readers

  • Readers may be on mobile or on potato internet, please refrain from using big screenshots everywhere. Use thumbnails!